APP decided for SBA cutting edge technology

16. Juli 2011

APP Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. in China, the member of SINAR MAS Group have placed the order of a new roll grinder with SBA. The SBA roll grinder will be located in Qinzhou.

SBA convinced APP with the innovative technology enabled for the most complex roll cover grinding requirements.  In addition, this innovative technology ensures an absolute suitability to produce Venta-Nip rills and even to rework them without any unnecessary grinding of the costly roll covers. To make possible the grinding of CC-rolls, SBA build in an additional drive into the SBA roll grinder.

The new SBA roll grinder is equipped with linear guide ways and SBA motor spindle. The measurement device and the SBA Software are provided with 3D Technology of SBA.

SBA have been receiving many orders for overhauling roll grinders from APP Asia in recent years. The successful conclusion of these projects has led to the order of the new SBA roll grinder.

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