Largest SBA Roll Grinder for Voith Paper Rolls Kunshan

14. Oktober 2010

Following the very successful startup of their SBA Roll Grinder in Nansha (Guangzhou, China), Voith’s board of management recently decided to order another brand new grinding machine for Voith Paper Rolls Kunshan.

An extraordinary bed length of 18000 mm will provide a Z-axis travel distance of more than 15000 mm at a maximum speed of 7000 mm/min.

The new SBA Roll Grinder will be able to grind rolls up to 15000 mm overall length, grinding face length of 13000 mm and 3000 mm diameter at 100 to maximum weight. These giant rolls will be used in the latest paper machine projects in China.

The grinder will be equipped with our proven hydrostatic motor spindle for the grinding wheel.

We thank Voith Paper Rolls for their trust and confidence in SBA Roll Shop Solutions.

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