Start-up of Roll Grinding Machine for the World’s Longest Roll

February 14, 2010

SBA sets new standards in grinding technology, revolutionizing the market for roll grinding machines.

One of World's longest rolls for a paper mill on SBA Grinder

After the coming start up of one of the World’s largest and most modern paper machines in Jinhai Hainan, the new Service Center of Voith Paper Rolls in Nansha – Guangzhou, China, will grind the roll covers and steel rolls for this machine. The grinding will happen on the newly installed roll grinding machine of SBA mechatronics. Due to the immense size, production speed and accuracy of this paper machine, also the demands on roll grinding technology increase.

Voith Paper Rolls Asia has asked SBA to deliver a grinder, in which all requirements of a modern service enterprise must be met for roll covers.

Although SBA has 20 years of experience in the fields of technical equipment, repair and modernization for many machines of Voith Paper Rolls’ service centers in Asia and Europe, it was a tremendous sign of confidence in SBA, to place the order for a grinding machine for this new service location. Not only the huge size and terrific flexibility was a challenge, but also the variety and complexity of the roll and roll covers, the form accuracy and surface demand extremly high standards to be met by the grinding machine from SBA.

There are plenty of roll grinding machine manufacturers. Some have been well established in the market and meet the needs of their customers with well-tried technology. Many manufacturers, however, try to meet their client’s requirements with good or less good copies of roll grinders.

Development and Innovation in Roll Grinding

A recipe for success of SBA is to keep track of the developments of materials and roll coatings and to be very close to the customers. Together with the customer we develop new grinding processes and optimize new materials.

The world of roll materials and roll coatings is characterized by rapid development. Everything is better, harder, faster, more accurate, more efficient and ultimately more difficult to process, grind and measure. Also, the production facilities of our customers in the steel and paper industries are constantly being improved and optimized. Many developments of SBA in recent years for grinding rolls and rolls for the processing of these have found application in the new grinder machine.

Please find out more about the revolutionary technologies implemented for the roll grinding machine described above in further blog entries.

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