Gert Allabauer Gert Allabauer – Managing Director

SBA stands for innovation, technology and development. We are renowned for our reliability, good service, flexibility and efficiency.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of roll shop solutions: We started with service and repair projects for roll manufacturers and roll service companies, particularly focussing on roll grinders. In recent years, this extensive experience allowed us to establish ourselves not only as a service company but also as a quality supplier for new roll grinders and also special roll shop machines.

Our customers appreciate our user-oriented high-tech solutions – putting their needs before bureaucracy is our philosophy. Flexibility, efficient problem-solving and good service are essential for our clients’ success and productivity.

Continuos innovation and development in the field of  “Grinding, Measuring and Documentation” allows SBA’s roll grinder to set new standards. We grind the world’s largest rolls with extraordinary precision, complexity and maximum efficiency.

Following these principles, SBA has succeeded as a medium-sized company in a market segment previously owned by large, established suppliers.

On April 23, 2014 Maschinenfabrik Herkules Hans Thoma GmbH took over the majority of the shares of SBA.