Roll Grinder Relocation – Machine Bed Installation

Machine Bed Installation

A relocation of valuable roll shop equipment can become necessary for many reasons. We want the move into the new facilities to be as smooth as possible: careful planning is a prerequisite. Coordinated dismantling and safe transport are essential for a successful reassembly and startup. Our relocation experience, gained in numerous projects, is of great help for our customers.

Task description and sequence:

  • Dismantling Grinder
  • Preparation for transport
  • Loading and transportation
  • Preparation of new foundations
  • Pre-alignment of machine bed and preparation for grouting
  • Supervision of grouting done by local contractors
  • Alignment of work piece bed
  • Fine alignment of machine bed
  • Alignment of work piece bed, if applicable
  • Assembling Grinding Support
  • Assembling Grinder
  • Measuring of alignment and recording
  • Adjustments of axis drives and limits
  • Start Up and test grinding
  • Final alignment if necessary
  • Final acceptance