Wheel Dressing

Dressing Device Plus Dressing Device Plus

  • The Dressing device base is designed to match the roll bed rails in order to get as close as possible to the roll. This helps to save valuable time for dressing.
  • The grinder bed provides enough space to reach the dressing device at every position of the roll bed
  • Stainless steel disk for formatting and dressing of CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels
  • Multi grain dressing tools with constant dressing preferences for a consistent dressing result
  • Grinding Wheel diameter detection – a photoelectric barrier provides an accurate diameter measuring even with a rotating grinding wheel

Grinding Wheel Dressing Software

Wheel Dressing Software Wheel Dressing Software

To reach the required surface quality various grinding wheel shapes are provided and can be parameterised by the operator. Different roll and grinding wheel shapes are displayed appropriately. Technology programs preset by the operator are available during the entire grinding process.