Roll Measuring Device

Accurate measuring is the basis for high precision roll grinding and efficient processes in the papermaking and steel industry. Choosing the right goals, appropriate measuring instruments and the matching measurement setups will deliver reliable results.

SBA Roll Shop Solutions offers portablestationary and special measurement devices for all purposes. Measured deviations from the theoretical roll shape are used for correction grinding. Parameters include circularity, shape, roll inclined/oblique position, diameter differences and shape deviations after measurement.

Mobile devices help operators to decide whether a roll must be taken out for regrinding or can remain in the production line. By measuring the roll in the production facility we can reduce the number of unscheduled machine shutdowns.

Our software applications provide all measured roll data for in-depth analysis. Detailed reports help to verify the results and quality and to achieve perfect processes. Constant training of our client’s maintenance experts ensures proper calibration and adjustment and helps to further improve the quality.