Grinder Upgrades

Changing requirements of modern production processes also require new grinding technologies. Besides, present standards – complex profiles with increased quality requirements – can only be achieved with more powerful control systems.

Roll Grinder Retrofit

We offer retrofit upgrade packages for roll grinding applications in steel and paper industries. SBA Roll Shop Solutions has a track record of successful projects for a number of clients. In-depth experience with hard- and software of all major roll grinder brands and continuos innovation ensure precision results. We also take care of accurate roll measurement and the further optimization of our customers’ grinding processes.

Reliability, Service and Training

The availability of a roll grinder is directly related to the reliability of the control components. Long-term guaranteed spare parts availability and reliable technical support are key aspects. In choosing our hardware components for retrofit applications, this was a key decision criterion.

As a machinery manufacturer, we are aware of the great responsibility we have toward our partners: An important part of our corporate philosophy is to provide our customers with solutions that can be serviced and repaired by their own staff.

Retrofit Components / Grinder Upgrades

Control Upgrade

Drive Upgrade

Mechanical Upgrade

Current Offer for Midsized Rolls

Take a look at our refurbished and upgraded SBA NAXOS Roll Grinder.