Machine Bed

Machine Bed

The maximum allowed deformation and the natural frequency of the base frame can be influenced by many different factors. With the use of modern finite element simulation software, the characteristics (absorption versus rigidity) of the base frame con thus be substantially influenced.

HYDROPOL® meets the requirements of the modern machine tool manufacture. Some of the advantages are:

  • The extremely high framework costs can be aoided with the use of a steel casing.
  • The x, y and z dimension of the base frame can be easily modified at any time.
  • The steel casing, which can be also partly composed of Niro sheet metals, offers protection against destruction in case of improper handling.
  • The structure of a base frame made from HYDROPOL® permits subsequent welding, boring and thread cutting.
  • The base frame can be kept at a constant temperature by possibly infused heating or cooling ducts. The air conditioning of the machinery hall and the warming-up phase can therefore be omitted.
  • HYDROPOL® is ecologically acceptable (Eluate Class 1) and therefore does not need to be disposed of separately.
  • HYDROPOL® offers a better thermal stability and a larger thermal capacity than conventional materials.
  • Base frames made from HYDROPOL® require less machining because of the laser-cut steel sheets and the higher precision compared with cast iron (DIN 8570 A+B / see machining allowances of steel compared to cast irons). The machining costs and delivery times are thus considerably reduced.
  • The tool wear of a machine is considerably reduced as a result of the durable and vibration-optimized design of a HYDROPOL® base frame.
  • Moreover, a better surface quality arises during processing as a result of the lower machine vibrations.

During unique tests carried out by the Technical University of Vienna, four lathe beds of identical design were produced from four different materials and their respective dynamic performances were assessed.

HYDROPOL® clearly achieved the best results.

Electromagnetic compatibility:

HYDROPOL® machine tool beds are CE-conformal and correspond to the EN 60204 and DIN VDE 0113. The CNC-control is not to be affected by fault current as all steel parts are connected through the steel jacket.