SBA – Grinder Control Software

SBA Operator Software

Software package for Operation, CNC -Control and Measurement System


  • German or English – other languages are also available
  • Visualization Software using WinCC flexible
  • Very simple and fast operator desktop
  • No specialized operator personal
  • No NC-knowledge necessary
  • Clearly arranged display in machine and work piece areas
  • Storage of grinding process parameters clearly structured in folder and files in a Roll Data Base
  • Systems for 3D Measuring & Grinding
  • Special functions for diagnosis & service
  • Standard SIEMENS HMI Advanced available
  • Graphic Display for:
    • Graphic recording online grinding current related to measurement
    • Roll settings like crown and taper
    • Roll measurement data graph
    • Correction graph after measurement
    • Bed error compensation graph
    • Inclination/oblique compensation graph

Setup Features – Compensation Features – CNC Functions

SBA Operator Software

CNC Control Function

  • Roll Data Management
  • JOG Mode
  • Automatic Mode
  • Diagnoses

Roll Data Management:

  • Roll data processing
  • Creating new roll records
  • Creating new automatic technology sequences
  • Interactive programming of the automatic technology sequence for the selected roll
  • Parameterization of the technology processes
  • Edit, store, delete and load roll records


  • Manual movement of all axis independently
  • Display of all actual positions and speeds

Automatic Technology Sequences:

  • Display of all actual positions and speeds
  • Setup Start point, end point and roll length
  • Alignment Automatic alignment of the roll (only with stationary measuring device)
  • Grinding wheel dressing process
  • Shape measurement creating compensation curve
  • Circular measurement
  • Grinding
  • Tapers
  • Groove milling
  • Super-finishing


  • Over 1000 Error messages and Warnings
  • Axis Trace – record of all positions and stages of the last 300 time units
  • Softkey Trace – All operator inputs and actions of the last 300 time units

Roll and dressing Setup

Roll Shapes:

  • Cylinder and Cone
  • Cosine — convex and concave
  • Double cosine
  • Multiple Compound curves up to 5 part curves
  • VALMET curve
  • Point to point interpolation curves variable resolution (empirical)
  • Taper with various profile
    • single
    • double
    • triple
  • CVC curves (steel industry)

Grinding Wheel Shapes:

  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Circle segment
  • Tapers

Grinding Process Features:

  • Continuous in-feed
  • End position in-feed
  • Constant current grinding
  • Graphic monitoring and recording of actual grinding current related to the roll measurement
  • Cutting speed control
  • Synchronization control of roll revolution and carriage feed for groove milling and overlapping calculation


Roll related compensation:

  • Roll inclined/oblique position
  • Roll diameter differences
  • Roll shape deviations after measurement

Compensations during Grinding Process:

  • Continuous in-feed according to wheel wear
  • Bed error compensation Various error curves can be stored (summer/winter)
  • Correction of roll shape deviations according to measurement