20m Linear Guideways on Roll Grinder Machine

February 12, 2010

Machine Guideways Z-Axis

For the first time linear guideways over a length of 20 meters have been used at a roll grinder. This enables extremely low processing speed, to achieve completely jolt- and vibration free operation.

Venta Nip grooves and micro-grooves in an unprecedented precision can be produced with it. With this technique, of course very high speeds are possible, too, and it provides a significant advantage even with large traverse path.

The whole issues of oil quality, regular oil changes, satisfying service of hydraulic and scraping of oil pockets in certain intervals are history.

Thanks to the special structure and arrangement of the machine bed and linear guideways, grinding results of + / – 3 microns over 12 meters long rolls are achieved without measurement corrections. This creates enormous advantages in grinding of thin ceramic or metallic coatings.

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